Studio Beara West Cork

Studio Beara West Cork

I can remember this time last year as if a couple of months ago. 2016 was a hugely busy year...buying and selling houses....enough said well as the busiest year for complaints , all very positive 

Back in the West Cork being here and painting and listening to the radio. This is where I am happiest...holidays, New Years....nah ..Here in Cork is the best! My studio is my haven and I am at my most creative here...Working on a couple of large canvases, one abstract still life and one landscape.

My aim for 2017 is to do the best art I can...I am my own hardest critic..if I am not 100% happy it gets scrapped. I am not interested in churning out paintings , but challenging myself to create art that fulfills the criteria of original, uplifting, and maybe different. Some days are so creative and easy, ideas flow..others hmmm nothing inspires or works. Overthinking is the worst .....Go with the flow is the best advice and see what happens. I love what I do and don't consider it work, ...and realise how lucky I am.

Luck coupled with diligence...a little and often is the key to making it work and 'turning up' even when not in the mood. A bad day of experiment is not lost,..its frequently followed by a 'flow' day. 

Back to the painting and thank you all for following me , reading these waffles and interacting. I welcome and love to hear from you. All shows and exhibitions will be posted on Instagram.