Wednesday 30th September at 6.30 - 8.30pm, the Scoop foundation are holding an auction of art works in Smithfield Dublin, chaired by Mealy Auctioneers. 33 of the lots are from the Scoop Art Cook book, including my submission 'A Day on the Lake'.  Proceeds go to help build a new school in Cambodia. The Scoop foundation have had amazing success in Varanasi , India too.  This is their third school in Cambodia. 

See for more info as well as on my Facebook page.  

Online and phone bidding are explained on the scoop site . 

PS....As a follow was an uplifting evening seeing so many people involved  and giving their time freely to this cause. It was a lively auction and George Mealy as master of ceremonies did a great job. 

My pic was very well received , the bidding was very active and I was delighted to see it sold so,well!

I hope the Scoop foundation get all the support they need to continue the great work they do building schools in Cambodia and India.